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“The paths of future generations have been laid for us by great people, like Franklin D. Watkins. Here are a few stories from those who knew him best. With love and much respect, we present a glimpse into his life. The passages were told by family members and help us understand why the founders of the National Alliance of African American Athletes decided to develop the Watkins Award. Coach Franklin D. Watkins was a selfless man who devoted his life to others. Mr. Watkins laid a foundation of hard work, dedication and love for his fellow man. He exemplified; Giving of oneself for others. Thank you, Mr. Watkins, your legacy lives on.”

--- Reginald Grant, MSEd



Special Thanks -  the entire Watkins Family, the Alston Family, the Jenkins Family, the Lloyd Family, the Dreher Family, the Ware Family, the Mack Family, the Hill Family, the Ridgewood neighborhood of Columbia, SC, Ridgewood Missionary Baptist Church, National Alliance of African American Athletes, Allen Wilkins, Dr. Herbert H. Lusk II, Patrick Andre Richmond (rest in peace), Harrisburg Youth Sports Organizations

Extra Special Thanks- to the Franklin D. Watkins Family - Thomasena Watkins (wife), Paul Dreher (son), Dearaney Watkins (son), Cedrick Watkins (son), Carrie Dreher (daughter in-law), Danuelle Watkins (daughter in-law), Kianna Watkins (granddaughter), Jamir Dreher (grandson), Jordan Dreher (grandson), Jaden Dreher (grandson), Jada Dreher (granddaughter), Cam Dreher (grandson), Ar'iyana Grace Morehead (great-granddaughter),  Kamani L. Watts (great-grandson)