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About Cedrick

The Author of "A Legacy of Giving"


My name is Cedrick Watkins (my dad used to call me Ralph because my middle name is Raphael).  I am the youngest son of Franklin D. Watkins.  I felt compelled to share my father's life story with world, in order to have his legacy reach out to as many people that this book can touch.  My father's legacy is based upon the summation of his impact on my life and anyone's life that had an opportunity to come in contact with him.  His story is very similar to most of the African American men that grew up in southern region of the United States during the 1960's during segregation.  The family structure that my father grew up in was an extended family that comprised of his immediate family, and a large extended family that resided on both sides of the house that he grew up in.  

Because of this large extended family that was so close, I believe my father was able to recognize the importance of interpersonal relationships and was able to connect individual people on a deeper personal level.  He understood the importance of creating synergy with likeminded people and was able build a strong chemistry quickly with people that he had met with briefly.  An extreme extrovert, his larger that than life personality still lives in within the stories that his family and friends still share about him.  He cared about all young people and wanted to make a difference in their lives, sometimes just by having a simple conversation or by motivating them into doing something with their lives that they could be proud of.  I am proud to be able to share what I know about my father's life and the impact that he was able to have on the people that he came in contact with.  

My passion in writing this book comes from a special devotion that I have when speaking about my dad and everything that he has ever done for me.  He always provided me with the upmost confidence when he was encouraging me to reach for my dreams and taught me that I could do anything that I felt compelled to do.  Because of those factors, I am able to humbly share some of my fondest memories and stories about my dad with anyone reading this book.  Thank you, DAD for help making me the man I am today and giving me the opportunity to share your life with the rest of the world.

Love you always your son,